The toddler age group is a diverse one. We recognize and encourage these differences, and our lead teachers practice a variety of strategies that allow for each child to begin defining their own sense of independence while dependent on the adults caring for and teaching them. We maintain a 4 child to 1 adult ratio in our Toddler 1 classroom and a 5 child to 1 adult ratio in our Toddler 2 and Toddler 3 classrooms. 

Our toddler classrooms follow a daily routine that is consistent yet flexible. The children quickly learn to anticipate what will come next in their day and begin to demonstrate initiative. The teachers plan their lessons weekly to ensure that they are supporting the children’s current interests and developmental progress. 

Toilet training is also incorporated into the daily routine in Toddler 2 and Toddler 3 for children who demonstrate interest and developmental readiness. Teachers and families work in partnership to develop a toilet training plan for their child that is consistent between home and school. Our toddler program provides a solid stepping stone into our preschool.  

Toddlers will begin their transition to preschool at 2 ½ years. At that time the child will have many opportunities to visit their new classroom for periods of time to become acclimated with the larger class size and the preschool routine. 


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